Pastors Marty & Cherie
Not long after receiving Christ in the later 1970’s, I felt called into ministry and worked in my home church Hillcrest PCG, in Oklahoma City, OK, under Lead Pastor Leon McDowell.  I worked in the children’s church under Don and Anita Hill.  I learned to be a puppeteer and went on to lead the puppeteers even while I was in the youth group. I also helped teach in youth group and participated in Bible quiz throughout my Jr High and High School years. In January 1984, a devastating accident took my mom; she died in my arms. Something a 12-year-old should never have to see or experience.
In May of 1989, I married my BEAUTIFUL wife Cherie. She has been instrumental in helping me to stay grounded and focused for all these years.  I am so thankful for her.
In December 1991, our  son Candron was born; then in December 1996, our daughter Kyla. We believe they  ARe the best kids in the world.
Throughout our marriage, we have worked at only 3 churches in ministry.
Hillcrest Pentecostal Church of God in Oklahoma City, OK.
1989 – 1993 under Lead Pastor Leon McDowell
Lighthouse Tabernacle International Pentecostal Holiness Church in Stratford,  OK.
1993 – 1994 under Lead Pastor Joel Downing
(almost a year to the day and probably the most in depth training received ever)
Hillcrest P.C.G. in Oklahoma City, OK
1994 -2000 under Lead Pastor Richard Talley
State Christian Path Lighter Directors under the PCG
Christian Life Fellowship in Moore, OK
2000-2013 under Lead Pastor Johnny Walker
State Youth Directors for the I.P.H.C. 
2008 to 2010
We have a total of 25 years in the ministry in some shape or form~ from kid’s ministry to youth ministry to marriage ministry to teaching school of ministry.
God grew us so much during those times. 
We both learned both what to do and what not to do in ministry.
In September 2013, our lives changed forever. One door was slammed shut and another came flying open. With God’s blessing we left our church of 13 years and began to seek God’s will in our lives. We didn’t know where to go or what to do but God said go.  We traveled from church to church being fed in a way that only compares to the year spent in Stratford, OK. We wanted to keep teaching…the burning was there but they had no place to do so. Then Chrissy at Wholly Grounds Coffee, which we had known for years, offered us a key and a place to meet.  So 6 of us started meeting together in the coffee shop to pray, study the Bible, and dream of planting a church.
On December 1, 2013, God of No Limits Family Ministries had its first church service on the campus of a small church off of Anderson Road and I-40. We grew and moved in March of 2014, to a small 1200 square foot store front off of SW 89th and Walker. We learned so much along the way. We overcame obstacles (like how to get 50 people in a place that only sat 35) and figured out how to get a children’s ministry started in a 10 by 12 room and the alley out back. We didn’t know where to go from there except listen for the voice of the Lord. I knew then that God was asking me to have faith and that he would prepare us for all the next steps along the way.
By December 2014, we were averaging 45 people in attendance each week and decided it was time to get into a permanent facility. God opened a door that only He could open. Though our relationship with the IPHC and Bishop Stuart Sherrill and his beautiful wife Sherrie, we were able to move in to our new building March 2015.  We quickly learned that growth was happening faster than we could keep up. Our first official service at 7200 S Walker was Easter 2015 and we had over 130 in attendance. We doubled in size in two months, and began to remodel our children’s space.
Our goal is to continue to train and send out ministers into the world,
that through Jesus, it might be saved.
We loved our church when it was 6 people in a Coffee Shop, and today we still love our church! 
We KNOW that the best is yet to come!!